Euro fall, the Reason for State Pension Boost to Outlanders

While outlanders on the continent relished a boost; however, those in Canada and Australia have witnessed the purchasing power of their state pension dropped substantially In the Eurozone, 445,000 retired Britons saw their state pension income grow 10pc in the last year owing to the strength of sterling and the yearly appreciation in the payments, […]

Say Goodbye to Frozen Pension Worries

If your pension scheme is closing or being  frozen , then its time to take necessary steps to trace the money and get them back. As we know – time is money, delay in taking action can only add to the difficulties in getting your hard earned money back. The key to taking action is […]

Recovering Frozen Pension – The Money that is Rightfully Yours

Recovering Frozen Pension – The Money that is Rightfully Yours In past decades, a large amount of employees in the US and UK when they retired could count on availing a guaranteed monthly cheque (just like their salary) from their employer’s pension plan. These traditional retirement plans are referred to as ‘defined pension plans’, meaning […]

The Reasons For Pension Getting Frozen

Opting for pension when you’re working becomes quite a serious topic to think about. With passage of time as you grow old and approach the retirement age, it becomes accentuated to save money to fulfill future needs. The term ‘Frozen Pension’ refers to the amount of money which has been left behind under occupational scheme […]

The Need For Recovering Your Frozen Pension

There are many investment schemes which many of the employers incorporate that are meant for the benefit of their employees. So, salary deductions are made from your salary which is contributed to a particular benefits plan to which you are entitled to. So, there are pension schemes out there where there is contribution from both […]

How to retain your frozen pension?

In today’s fast life it is very difficult to keep a track of your previous errands and even investments whether small or big. Due to this preoccupied state of mind people often end up losing a lot of money that they have earned during their span of career. One of the biggest examples amongst these […]

A Frozen Pension Can Provide A Useful Additional Sum In Old Age

In these days of financial austerity, financial planning for your retirement has become more important than ever. To ensure a comfortable old age, many people pay into a pension scheme adopted by their employer, which is an excellent solution until you change the company for whom you work. At this point many people find they […]

Thousands of Pounds Go Unclaimed As People Forget That They Have a Frozen Pension

Wouldn’t it be great if you suddenly found out you’d got more money for retirement than you’d originally thought? Amazingly, many people may be due a substantial pension payment from a scheme to which they’ve contributed in the past but have long ceased to do so. Often known as frozen pensions, the chances are that […]

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