Frozen Pension

How to retain your frozen pension?

In today’s fast life it is very difficult to keep a track of your previous errands and even investments whether small or big. Due to this preoccupied state of mind people often end up losing a lot of money that they have earned during their span of career. One of the biggest examples amongst these […]

A Frozen Pension Can Provide A Useful Additional Sum In Old Age

In these days of financial austerity, financial planning for your retirement has become more important than ever. To ensure a comfortable old age, many people pay into a pension scheme adopted by their employer, which is an excellent solution until you change the company for whom you work. At this point many people find they […]

Thousands of Pounds Go Unclaimed As People Forget That They Have a Frozen Pension

Wouldn’t it be great if you suddenly found out you’d got more money for retirement than you’d originally thought? Amazingly, many people may be due a substantial pension payment from a scheme to which they’ve contributed in the past but have long ceased to do so. Often known as frozen pensions, the chances are that […]

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